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Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment

The strategy adopted by the Ministry of Social Integration & Economic Empowerment with regard to the eradication of poverty and economic empowerment of vulnerable families focusses on the following three main pillars:

(i)       Child Welfare and Family Empowerment;

(ii)      Social Housing and Community Development; and

(iii)     Placement and Training

The National Empowerment Foundation is the implementing arm of the Ministry and targets vulnerable families having a combined household monthly income of less than Rs 6, 200 excluding social aid.

Under the three Programmes, the following support is provided:

Child Welfare and Family Empowerment

  • Provision of school materials to needy children
  • Setting of Day Care Centres in deprived regions
  • Provision of meals, school fees, transport facilities and “accompagnement scolaire” to children attending pre-primary and primary schools up to Standard II
  • Setting up of learning corners for needy children
  • Provision of basic functional literacy and numeracy courses to vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Provision of life skiils training courses to children and their families
  • Self-empowerment of vulnerable families through training and income-generating activities 

Social Housing and Community Development

  • Provision of social housing units under the CIS, CCIS and Social Integrated Housing Schemes
  • Provision of infrastructural facilities and recreational and community development facilities in deprived regions
  • Improvement of the living conditions of vulnerable families through the upgrading of their housing units and their living environment

Placement and Training

  • Provision of training in various sectors to enhance their employability
  • Placement opportunities to trainees after the training course
  • Securing employment opportunities under the Circular Migration Project