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Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment

About Us

About the Ministry
1.            Vision
Our vision is to eradicate extreme and chronic poverty and to strive towards the creation of an inclusive and more equitable society.
2.            Mission
To support and empower the vulnerable group with a view to mainstreaming them in society and improving their quality of life in a sustainable manner through the provision of an effective and efficient service delivery, imbued in equity, fairness and impartiality.
3.            Aims and Objectives
(a)          To formulate policies and strategies to fight poverty and social exclusion.
(b)          To drive and coordinate initiatives for the social integration and sustainable development of vulnerable groups and the   enhancement of social progress.
(c)          To encourage and assist vulnerable groups to undertake income earning activities.
(d)          To provide demand driven training and placement to empower vulnerable groups.
(e)          To provide emergency assistance to needy persons.
(f)           To widen the circle of opportunities for the empowerment of the vulnerable groups.
(g)          To eradicate absolute poverty and improve the living conditions of the absolute poor.
(h)          To lay the foundation for sustainable human development and improve the life chances of children of poor families by providing a package of support programmes and opportunities for learning and development from a very early stage.